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Welcome to Hawaiian King Candies

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

The Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha fills the islands with a warmth as welcoming as the tropical sun. It is exemplified by islanders’ traditional lei greeting and by their custom of presenting friends and family with hand-sewn quilts to express best wishes.

Made in Hawaii with the finest ingredients —  our exclusive blend creamy chocolates and fresh Hawaii-grown macadamia nuts — our confections are a gift of luxury to be enjoyed in the Spirit of Aloha.

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About Us

For more than thirty years, Hawaiian King Candies has been Hawaii’s premier maker of chocolate-covered macadamia nut confections & a major producer of the highest quality macadamia nut cookies, roasted macadamia nuts, & 100% Kona coffee.

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Hawaiian King Candies
550 Paiea Street
Suite 501
Honolulu, HI USA 96819

Ph: (808) 833-0041 x105
Fax: (808) 833-3342

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